Friday, October 26, 2012

Year 2 - Minor Project

Past couple of projects we've started on in second year.
Storyboarding and a character turnaround to a quick model pack
 First exercise was to storyboard a pre-existing advert. I opted for the Guinness surfer ad. This is 1 page of 15. View the original ad here

 Second exercise was to storyboard a page from a script for TMNT episode "Monster Dimension X". This is panel 1 of 8

 Lastly we were asked to create a character model pack based upon a randomly drawn sound clip from the 11 second club. We will eventually animate our characters. Personally this character (whom I've dubbed "Ed", a disheveled teddy bear at the end of his tether) hasn't turned out exactly as I've planned. Won't use illustrated to create a turnaround for a hand-drawn character. He's a rough character and I liked how he looked when he was hand-drawn. Looser is a good word to use. Will be fun to get animating again though

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