Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Retrospective before continuing (Part 3 - FIRST YEAR OF GLAMORGAN)


Actually no. First year takes a while to get your head around. After all, there are many things which you have to get used to. Your flat mates, whom you probably haven't chosen, will not be on your course. They will have decidedly less hours than you. They will feel betrayed when you tell them you can't go out drinking because you have to go into Uni early the next day because that bouncing ball of yours JUST WON'T STAY THE SAME SHAPE, NOT THE FIRST TIME, NO WAY, YOUR GONNA GET TO THE END OF THAT SHIT LOOK BACK AND SEE THAT THE BALL LOST HALF IT'S WEIGHT FALLING DOWN THOSE STAIRS AND YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN... and again.... maybe even once more if you really need to... and don't say that's how it looked in the reference. That doesn't work.

Your first month on the course will involve at least one nervous breakdown in which you resent every person who ever gave you hope about following your dream career, which seems so out of reach by now all you can do to distract yourself is sit under your duvet, openly weeping like a giant man-child whilst singing "Cannonball" by Damien Rice at the top of your lungs into your already tear soaked pillow whilst you rock backwards and forwards glugging away at a litre of tesco value gin whose cheap methylated taste you feel you deserve, because you are at the bottom of the talent pool, looking up. You wake up out of a Gin stupor, half naked, hugging your henry hoover, your flat mates looking at you with a scared face all over their heads. Best not to remember that night...

What am I trying to say? Don't feel like this (or do what I just said... you really don't want to do that). You're here to learn this stuff. You're in safe hands too.

Needless to say with all this, there is plenty out of first year I would like to go back and re do. My final performance  is some of the shoddiest animating you might ever see. Don't even get me started on how my bird takes off and lands.

All you can do is practice though. You will see yourself get better over time. Here's all the uncut finals from first year. See about doing better than me.

It was fun though I must admit :)

 There was also this guy, created for the character exploration. Toothiki I think he's called. I'll post some sketches of this fella with the advanced tech project.

By the end of it all you might have regained a modicum of respect for yourself and your drawing/making abilities. At Glamorgan you will have the intense but overwhelmingly fun experience of preparing for the Glammies. After a year of technical exercises, this will be an absolute breath of fresh air.

With the topical themes of the olympics, the end of the world and the diamond jubilee. I pitched and created this solo (and thankfully it wasn't dropped) 

I was also asked to do a brief intro using After Effects, which is below...


 Almost at present day now... just a little more.

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