Sunday, October 21, 2012

Retrospective before continuing (Part 2)

Outside of college I used to like to use found footage (out of necessity due not being able to afford a half decent camcorder) to create music videos for songs I liked. This largely started as a way to learn editing and my way around Premiere and After Effects. Instead of doing mundane internet tutorials I wanted to actually start something that I could enjoy working on. It quickly grew into a bit of an obsession. Mostly also due to my obsessive love of music (current or not). A few examples are below but for all of them either visit or

This was my first attempt. No After Effects here, or any thoughts for copyright infringement either. Done meticulously slowly in iMovie as well, before I had the sweet relief of discovering Adobe Premiere. Ironically, even though it is the lowest quality video I've made, it's still the most popular on the channel. This was due mostly to it being posted by Warp Records to their site and by being recognized by the artist himself. Not had that with anything else. Almost at 200,000 views with this one.

One of the next ones after the Rustie video. Probably my personal favourite. Fits best with the music and was the first time I ever used After Effects (even if it was basic)

Fast forward a good year or so after... done to alleviate concentrating on an essay for Uni, this song is by an artist from my hometown of Chester (check him out  Done with full consideration for copyright (using royalty free footage) and getting better with After Effects...

The last video I've made, and probably will ever make this way for this channel. Again for an artist I like and using royalty free stock footage. It seems I can't take this way of videos any further than I already have and so this project is dead. It served a purpose and was fun to meet people doing similar things online.

For similar videos, and much more creative and regular in posting check out the guys over at synesthesiaefilms Hugely encouraging and nice blokes who I think are now doing live visuals for most of the artists they post videos for. 

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