Wednesday, September 25, 2013

End of Placement - Onto 3rd Year

My time at dezrez is coming to an end, and my has it flown by.
Since the last video we started work on one last video for the company history, but due to necessary tweaks to other videos, and another swift project which was urgent for them, the timeline video won't be finished (at least for now). You can see the initial tests below
Been a great 10 weeks, and I can safely say I've had enough of After Effects for a while.
Going back to uni will mean a return to more character animation which is something I desperately need to improve upon. I am however glad to know that I can comp any work I do to a high level. Even just a basic knowledge of this, I believe, can make any work look massively better.
So a huge thankyou to everyone at dezrez (and their amazing thai food on Fridays) and to GoWales for the amazing opportunity.
Now onto the next thing...

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